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It sounds lofty, right? To an outsider, it is. We insiders to the Order of Dad know full well what the truth really is, though. Below are the list of lab items required to conduct your own version of the experiment as well as its procedures.


  1. A light source: lamp, the sun, a TV, you get the picture.
  2. A comfortable working surface. I prefer my sofa.
  3. Yourself.

The Experiment

The purpose of this dad experiment is to study the effects of photon diffusion across the optical epidermal layers. You may want to block out a few hours to conduct a thorough experiment. Situate yourself on your work surface until comfortable. Lower your optical epidermal layers down over your eyes. Examine and note the effects of photon diffusion for as long as necessary.

I’m still gathering evidence for my findings, so I’ll have to post them at a later date.


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